Natalia (softy5310) wrote in dysons,

I'm new here.

My Dad bought me a Dyson Animal for Christmas. I love it! it still finds things, even when I think my floors are clean. I have a chronic illness, so cannot vacuum as much as I'd like. I have a guy, named Jim, who comes and cleans for me twice a week. I have a problem though. Today, it started turning off when it was in the upright position.
I called Dyson and they said I needed to remove the u-shaped part of the pipe, so that I could get to the blockage. They also said that my filter might be durty. I am blind and they were not very willing to describe to me how to remove the u-shaped part of the pipe. I handed the phone to Jim, so that he could talk to the lady. He is sighted, so I thought he'd have an easier time since the lady wasn't very willing to explain things to me. She wasn't willing to explain them to him either. She told him that she'd get me set up with service, however there isn't a Dyson Service center within 100 miles of here. I asked if a repair person could come out and help me figure this out? She said they don't do that, even in a situation like mine. I could drop it off at UPS, but then I would have to pay for it to be shipped there, pay for having the blockage taken care of and the filter cleaned and then shipped back to me. I'd really rather just know how to fix it myself.
If any of you can provide any instructions on how to disassemble the vacuum so that I can get all the necessary parts cleaned, I'd appreciate it. i've heard there are lots of nooks and crannies for things to get stuck in Dysons and I want all the stuff gone. I need my wonderful Animal working again. I have two rabbits and one of them has been sick with a cold lately. I've been trying to vacuum a lot to keep the dust down for him and it's seemed to help him get better a bit faster.
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